Welcome to The Gathering

Tired of religious rituals? Looking for authentic relationships? Hoping to connect more deeply with God?

We would like to welcome you to a group of people from many different backgrounds who have decided to get together and take the time to find answers those hopes and dreams.

If you would like to talk openly, question, learn more about Jesus and experience the love of God in your everyday life, we would love to have you along on the journey.

You can find out more about the Gathering by browsing this website although websites won't allow you to get to know us or us you. Hope to hear from you or, better yet, get to meet you.

Here are 3 clips in which Bruxy Cavey, from the Meeting House, speaks about the importance of our focus on Jesus and his central message. Take time to listen, it will help you see, hear and understand a bit more of the relationship with God that fuels us.
Each segment is about 15 minutes long so sit back, relax and enjoy.
Let us know what you think. Let's talk.

Bruxy Cavey, Why Jesus Part 1

Bruxy Cavey Why Jesus Part 2

Bruxy Cavey:  Why Jesus Part 3