Because we believe that God is always at work in us and around us, we value working collaboratively with other churches and organizations in order to build the kingdom of God.

We value individual and corporate intimacy with God. We engage in personal activities (worship, prayer, reading, studying) that draw us near to God, in small group activities (worship, sharing, communion) and large group activities (worship, teaching, sharing, communion) that do the same.

Because we believe that God establishes His kingdom through relationships, we value building transparent and safe yet challenging relationships with believers and not-yet believers alike.

We value the diversity of gifts that God has given to us as individuals and as a body of believers, independent of race, gender and age. We value men and women, young and old, ministering together to encourage one another and to carry the Gospel of Christ to the nations.

We value responsiveness to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We believe God is actively involved in each of our lives, making us responsible to take action on the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Concurrently with intimacy with God, we value engagement in the work of building God’s kingdom. We believe each person has been gifted to contribute, each contribution is important, and that all are asked by God to contribute. We make room in our activities and ministries for the active contribution of others. In this value, we are sensitive to the periodic needs for rest and healing.

Because we know that form must always be at the service of function, we believe the church must constantly change its means to reach out and help people grow. The message always remains the same but the means of communicating the message adjusts to people and context. We thus value creativity in our approaches to living out the mandate of the church: to love God with all of our heart, to love one another, and to love our neighbors.